New and improved.

With a new and expanded management team in place, Earcandy is set up for when events return in 2021 and we are currently recruiting for performers to join our team and our new acts. 


Our Beliefs and values


What do we believe?


We believe that music has the power to connect people together, and that the performances we provide our customers and their guests often are part of some of the most important times of their lives.


We believe we should offer them performances that are something unique to Earcandy and that through musical competency and showmanship, we can create a magical experience for our customers and their guests. 


What are our values?


Our values can be remembered using the acronym "CHORD"

Just like the individual notes of a musical CHORD, with the right values, our individual strengths come together as a whole, and we work as a team towards a common vision.


When we recruit performers, we look for individuals that understand and are able to support these core values. 



It's not about job titles

At Earcandy, everyone has the right to express a view if it is intended to achieve Earcandy's goals and if it's intended to be the right thing for Earcandy. 


Honesty & Integrity

Aim to keep to your word.

An important value at Earcandy is that if we say we are going to do something that we do our upmost to keep our word and do this.



We all make mistakes.

When mistakes happen we communicate them to our team members straight away so they can help correct the course.


Results Orentated

We don't care about your background, your religion, lack thereof, your race, your sexual orientation or any other demographic. At Earcandy, you are welcome regardless of all of these things.

At Earcandy, the two things we care about are:

a. the business results you achieve and

b. whether you are aligned with and support our values.


Driven by Continuous Improvement

Our value of Driven by Continuous Improvement means that everyone at Earcandy is responsible for making improvements to the company, and to their skills every day in every way.

This is an approach to business that comes from the Japanese approach of "Kaizen" which means "change for better".

We believe that small continued improvements lead to big overall meaningful changes.


If you believe these values align with you, apply to perform with one of our acts today.